Roasting in Small Batches makes a big difference

To maximize the quality of our coffee, we never warehouse roast. We wait until our orders are in and then we work to fill them using a small batch roaster, ensuring that your Java! Java! coffee is always freshly roasted and promptly delivered.

Grown Globally, Roasted Locally

When you buy Java! Java! you’re buying a micro-roasted coffee consisting of only the highest grade beans imported from the best and most diverse coffee growing climates in the world. We've perfected our craft and roast these coffees the way they were meant to be roasted: some dark to develop their intense flavor and character, others light to draw out crisper notes inherent to the coffee and its origin. We know what works, because we've tried it all.

Ever wonder where we source our coffees?
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Roasted To Perfection

We lovingly use a custom-built, 12 kilo Diedrich roaster at our facility in Maple Valley, Washington. Our process prompts perfection and allows us more control over the quality and consistency of each and every batch. 


We offer wholesale pricing to coffee shops and restaurants. Get the best quality and service in the business!

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