Our Story

Our Story

It all began in 1986 when I was deployed to the Mediterranean Sea with the United States Navy. 

I can trace my love and passion for great coffee to my favorite Port of Call in Trieste, Italy, where I tried espresso for the first time. I had spent time in coffee houses all over the Mediterranean in places like Tangiers, Morocco and Istanbul, Turkey, but this place was different. The passion and love that the barista had for his craft made it apparent that any coffee was only as good as the service it came with. He was kind enough to enthusiastically indulge my curiosity and taught me all about the process, having no idea what he’d sparked in me. Leaving that shop, I had already decided I’d be opening my own espresso bar when I returned to the states. 30 years later, I now understand how my old friend in Trieste felt when I asked him about his coffee, because today I feel the same way when people ask me about mine.

Brett Habenicht, Co-Founder

We are proud to be a veteran-owned business. We encourage you to check out maplevalleyvets.org to learn how our hometown is celebrating and honoring servicemen and women.

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