Our Blends

Handcrafted, expertly blended, perfectly roasted

We combine coffees from all over the world to create artisanal blends you won't find anywhere else.

The blend that started it all. It’s silky and sweet with a chocolate and nutty character. After all these years, it’s still a favorite.

Central American and African coffees blended to create a full-bodied and bold taste with a honey and oak finish. Our most popular blend.

The name says it all. This simple, two bean coffee is rich and smoky, and a fine drip grind pulls out its earthiness, complexities, and fullness.

A well-roasted version of our House blend, this classic, darker roast pulls out the intensity of the coffee’s character.

Black Diamond
Our darkest roast with a surprisingly smooth finish, this coffee’s complex and intense flavor brings out hints of dark chocolate and caramel Interesting fact: Black Diamond was a coal mining town homesteaded by our founder’s great-great grandparents. This roast, his favorite, pays homage to them and the lasting legacy they left behind.

Pulling the roast much earlier than usual leaves the bean white and gives this coffee a unique flavor described as grassy, nutty, and earthy. The darker you roast a coffee, the more caffeine you lose- this means our white coffee will offer a higher caffeine content than any of our other blends. Not for the faint of heart!

We use the Swiss Water Process for our decaffeinated coffee, using a pure water method to remove the caffeine but maintain the flavor. Dedicated to quality in every roast, our decaf is 100% chemical free.